Protect your landscape investment with a complete maintenance package tailored to your needs.


Our Commercial Construction team has the experience and skill to turn your visions into reality.


Our goal is not only to provide the highest degree of professionalism, but also to deliver, at a fair price, an exceptional service.

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We would love the opportunity to discuss with you further our ability and desire to meet your landscape maintenance or installation needs.
Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

ColoradoScapes, Inc. is a landscape company specializing in the landscape maintenance of commercial complexes, including office and industrial buildings, homeowners’ associations, multi-family dwellings, retail centers, and public spaces, as well as residential landscaping. Founded in 2003, ColoradoScapes strives to develop a company that has the experience and ability to meet the needs of large properties with the manager maintaining personal investment in providing service excellence and immediate response times that are often lost as companies become large and cumbersome.

Why choose Us?

Experience.Brief Overview

The President and General Manager have over 40 combined years of experience in the landscape industry. Field Supervisors have, on average, 15 years of experience in the landscape maintenance field, which includes in-depth knowledge of irrigation systems. All managing employees have extensive training and experience in landscape management best practices. ColoradoScapes has the resources and trained personnel available to provide service excellence to our properties through hands-on direction and quality control with a personalized touch that is not typically found in today’s landscape companies.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

Our business model is one that includes direct daily communication with Field Supervisors and the President. Client communication is also handled directly through the President. This process ensures clear, concise, and consisten communication between ColoradoScapes and the client, as well as expedient response times and follow through with problem resolution.

Our goal is not only to provide the highest degree of professionalism, but also to deliver, at a fair price, an exceptional service to ensure that the value of your landscape investment is protected. It is our philosophy that a proactive approach and communication with our clients should be paramount in building working relationships to ensure that the needs of the client and landscape are met.

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What we can do for you!


Designscapes Colorado designs are builds beautiful residential landscapes. It's what we do.


Protect your landscape investment with a complete maintenance package tailored to your needs.


Our Commercial Construction team has the experience and skill to turn your visions into reality.

Holiday Lighting

Beautify your home with holiday lighting this year. Our specialists design the display and provide professional installation


We work closely with our clients on a personal basis to provide design solutions in an artistic manner.

Snow Removal

Our expert snow removal team is ready to tackle your commercial or residential snow plowing, shoveling, and snow removal needs.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Make this the year your outdoor space becomes something more than just space - create an inviting and comfortable Outdoor Living Space

Landscape Lighting

We create, repair, and maintain exterior outdoor lighting systems that transform your outdoor living areas into an artistic masterpiece

Design Build Process

If you're considering a new landscaping project or outdoor living space this year, read this page about our design - build landscape process


Get your landscape health done early

Getting your landscape healthy early is the key to enduring the summer heat and stress. ColoradoScapes will design a mowing package around your needs and lifestyle. Regular mowing, trimming, and edging keeps your lawn healthy and prevents it from encroaching into unwanted areas. We recommend mowing higher but more often to promote deeper roots and prevent water loss.

  • Fertilization Our program includes four applications a year with different blends of nutrients and minerals that encourage a healthy lawn every season.
  • Broadleaf Weed Control From dandelions to bindweed, our spring pre-emergent and post-emergent professional turf application provides the ‘knock-down’ power needed to control this problem at the root.
  • Aeration Recommended twice a year to help reduce thatch, relieve compaction and channel water and fertilizer into the root zones creating growth pockets for new roots.
  • Over Seeding For those thin lawns that must need more density, slit seeding is a very cost effective and non-disruptive way to incorporate more seed into an existing lawn.


Spring to do

Maintaining your irrigation system should be on your list each year and then once more during the middle of summer. Maintaining your irrigation system is important so you can minimize wasting water, reduce pollution due to run off and make sure your system is applying the correct amount of water. Leaks can occur due to weather, shovels or other sharp tools, tree roots, lawn mowers, your friendly four legged friends and normal wear and tear. Some large leaks are obvious, however smaller leaks may not be, therefore going undetected if not well maintained. Clogged nozzles, seal leaks, sunken or tiled heads are some of the many items we would inspect each visit.

Winterizing, also known has a sprinkler system blow-out, is another very important step part of irrigation maintenance. You have to take go further than just draining the water out of your irrigation system, or it will remain and will most likely freeze, expand, and crack your piping leading to costly repairs come spring! \ hence removing all water still in the pipes to freeze over the winter. Call us avoid the dangers involved with winterizing systems. Or Get the most out of your system this season!


HDA of large commercial property is water

At ColoradoScapes we realize the largest expense to an HDA of large commercial property is water. We have a designated irrigation team on staff to work with the county in an attempt to conserve water on your property; Not only saving time, but also money. While promoting a greener environment conserving water. Over the last 5 years we have been able to save our customers an average of 30% on their water bills by taking the necessary steps.


Bed Care services will keep your garden looking vibrant

At ColoradoScapes Bed Care services will keep your garden looking vibrant we understand how much you care about your landscape investment. Our custom, lush and healthy. Our services include new garden design, renovation, flower and bulb planting, plant care, weeding, pruning, and general bed maintenance. With our knowledge and passion, and over 30 years of industry experience we can provide an array of landscaping, winter services, and commercial maintenance services.

Our Bed Care program is tailored around each homeowner’s specific needs in order to achieve the best looking vegitation throughout the season. Because each property is different, our experienced team of garden specialists will customize a package to ensure lasting beauty and harmonious garden design. Services can include weekly or bi-weekly weeding, dead-heading, trimming, fertilizer applications, plantings, and over-all bed maintenance.


What Clients say?

Our Clients love us!

I have worked with ColoradoScapes since 2006. In every situation they have met or exceeded our expectations of landscape service. Their attention to detail and proactive approach sets them apart from their competition. I would highly recommend ColoradoScapes to any one that is looking for quality landscape service at a fair price

Scott Ryan Hammersmith Management

Our firm has worked with ColoradoScapes on three residential communities for the past several years and have been very pleased with the work provided, attention to detail in the contracts, meeting contract deadlines, and is always responsive when a concern may come up to try and get the matter resolved in a prompt and efficient manner.”

Mark Eames PCMS

ColoradoScapes, Inc. has provide lawn care services for two of our properties since April 2004. The relationship between Skyline Management and ColoradoScapes has been superb. The service provided has been of the highest quality

John Latendresse Skyline Management

ColoradoScapes crews mowing, trimming, and planting work is simply outstanding. They always respond immediately to our irrigation and fountain emergencies, and I know I can depend on them for any issues concerning our landscape maintenance. They are always on time and on budget. I have enjoyed our six year relationship and look forward to working with them in the future.

Kurt Wolter The Pivotal Group



ColoradoScapes is an accomplished landscape design firm with over 30 years combined service in the industry.


We are a successful company because of our experience, comprehensive design, expert performance and a thorough knowledge of industry best practices and products.


At ColoradoScapes our team is prompt, courteous and professional. We provide complete "hassle free" care for your landscaping needs.


Our company strives for excellence at both hardscape and softscape elements of overall design; resulting in a stunning final product.

ColoradoScapes has been serving Denver and the surrounding region since 2003. We specialize in custom landscape design and architecture offering free consultations and top notch construction/project managemet. Our larger commercial division is also here with meet you needs from simply moving or snow removal to year round maintance. Together ColoradoSCapes combines over 30 years of vision, integrity, and outstanding performance in the industry.

When you hire ColoradoScapes you can expect the highest quality eco-friendly and sustainable landscape designed by our degreed and highly certified team. We at ColoradoScapes pride ourselves in the level of service and product that we deliver.

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We are new, innovative and stay informed on the latest
trends in both applications of industry and products.

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