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In Colorado’s dry climate, reliable irrigation is an essential component of a beautiful landscape. Water use can also be a major expense.

At ColoradoScapes, our experienced irrigation technicians provide expert installation and year-round maintenance to prevent costly repairs, conserve water, and meet the unique challenges of Colorado’s climate.

Comprehensive Irrigation Services:

  • Weekly system checks (wet checks)
  • Alert monitoring
  • Emergency repairs
  • Maintenance & routine repairs
  • Spring system startup
  • Winterization
  • Winter watering
  • Weather-based irrigation
  • Waste-prevention systems
  • System installation & upgrades

Smart Controllers & Weather Based Irrigation

Water conservation protects our environment and your budget! Upgrading to a weather-based irrigation system can be a high-return investment in the sustainability and cost efficiency of your property. In many areas government rebates are available to help offset the upfront cost.

Winter Watering

Even during the dormant season, plants and trees need water to remain healthy and disease-free. Colorado’s dry powdery snow is often insufficient to meet the irrigation needs of non-native foliage. Especially during periods of light snowfall, it is critically important to provide regular water throughout the winter season. We accomplish this with water trucks or through temporary irrigation system activation.

Xeriscape Conversions

Xeriscaping is an environmentally friendly way to refresh your landscaping with a modern look while saving on future water and maintenance costs.  In many areas government rebates are available to help offset the initial conversion cost.

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