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Designing, planning, and executing your dream garden can’t be that complicated, right?

If you know the plants you like, and you know how much space you have to plant them, then half the work is done. Right?


Choosing plants that both work well with your neighborhood landscape and look great can actually be a difficult task. 

Easy solution?

Schedule a plant walk with a landscaping professional.

What is a plant walk?

A plant walk is a lot like what it sounds like. It is a guided walk – with your landscaper being the guide – through your garden space. The landscape professional will make observations of your yard and then provide recommendations based on your goals and what your landscaping setup can handle.

During a plant walk, the landscape professional will consider multiple factors before recommending plants and trees. These factors include: 

  • The amount of water, sunlight, and shade
  • The type of soil
  • The landscape layout
  • Climate/weather patterns in your area

Finally, your plant walk guide will want to ensure that you are capable of providing the right amount of water and nutrient rich soil for each individual plant and tree so that they all thrive and grow to their fullest potential.

Colorado considerations

In Colorado, your landscaping professional will point you in the direction of plants that are able to survive both the long, cold winters and the dry summers. And with Colorado being in a drought, a landscaping expert is a fantastic resource for predicting how much water will be available for your plantlife.

Picking the right plants and trees for your property does not have to be difficult. By scheduling a plant walk and explaining your vision to a landscape professional, you can rest assured that your landscape will not only look great, but that all plants and trees will remain healthy and thrive.

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