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Everyone wants to have a great looking lawn, with so many different possible factors affecting the health and appearance of lawns across Colorado, maintaining a green landscape can become a challenge for many. One way to make sure your lawn will be healthy and looking great is to use Revive a couple of times a year. Revive is a soil treatment that helps with any soil related problems while thickening grasses and giving them the healthy dark color that everyone wants! Revive will keep soil healthy, suppling it with the adequate amount of nutrients that roots need to grow. Compacted soil prevents roots from growing in a healthy manner. This can lead to root damage which can stunt the growth of the grass. Revive prevents soil from compacting and increases the root activity to increase the strength of the lawn. 

Revive acts as a wetting agent improving water circulation throughout the root system. With Revive, root-zone moisture is improved allowing the whole root system to spread out and grow stronger. Revive does not change the soil, but rather how it interacts with water. Revive also allows nutrients such as zinc and iron to spread more freely throughout the soil and properly attach to the root system so that the plant can use when needed. 

Revive should be attached twice a year, once in the spring after winter dormancy and again in the summer. Revive helps the roots come out of dormancy and grow strongly throughout the season. There are multiple conditions that Revive can help with. It can be used to fix uneven growing grass, control brown spots, and maintain grass looking healthy!

Besides keeping lawns healthy, it can also help save water. By changing the way water interacts with the soil, water retention can occur a lot easier. This allows root systems to hold the adequate amount of moisture required to stay healthy and growing. By root systems holding the proper amount of moisture, one can wait longer in between waterings and can water less frequently which in the long run can save a great amount of water. 

Revive is a very simple way to make sure your lawns are healthy and looking great. Not only is this beneficial for your lawn’s health but it can also be a benefit for your wallet! Your lawn will have a healthy dark green color and be stronger and healthier than ever.

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