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Technology advances continue to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient. Making the switch to a smart irrigation system is a great way to maintain a healthy lawn and conserve water. Irrigation controllers cut back on water waste and can maintain lawns looking vibrant. Smart clocks make it easier than ever for lawns to get the amount of water they need to keep a healthy look. 

Not only do smart clocks provide environmental benefits, but financial benefits as well. An irrigation system can provide lawns with sufficient water without overwatering it. Watering lawns is always a good thing, but overwatering can become tremendously harmful to lawns and the environment. A healthy lawn will look good and do good for the environment as well. Healthy turf absorbs greenhouse gases such as ozone, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide all while releasing oxygen into the air. By receiving the adequate amount of water, strong healthy lawns will produce a deep root system which prevent runoff and erosion.

 A smart irrigation system will provide a consistent water schedule for your lawn. This can be very beneficial during the hot summer months. Regular and even watering will prevent dry spots and keep lawns vibrant and green all summer long. Every lawn is different and has different needs. Smart clocks can be set to certain times, and the amount of water released can be changed to match a lawns’ watering needs. This will ensure that each lawn with a smart clock is watered as many times as it needs. One can easily set different watering schedules depending on the weather. More waterings can take place during the summer when temperatures are higher and can be reduced during the fall when temperatures begin to drop.  There are different brands to choose from when selecting smart clocks, so one does not have to worry about a clock not working well with a certain property. Some of our favorite brands of smart clocks are Rain Master, WeatherTRAK, ETwater, Weathermatic.

There are many benefits to making the switch and upgrading to Smart controllers are environmentally friendly as they reduce water waste. Reducing water waste will lead to lower water bills, saving you money. Irrigation controllers prevent uneven watering throughout the property, and it promotes healthy plant growth as waterings can be adjusted to fit plant needs. Can prevent plant diseases, weeds, fungi, and preserves soil nutrients.

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